“All healing is first a healing of the heart.”

Carl Townsend

Welcome to Amevera, a website dedicated to those interested in physical and emotional health!

We believe that people are holistic beings and that physical and emotional health are very closely connected.

So, at Amevera we are dedicated to connecting the dots between emotional and physical well-being.

Our mission is to address both the emotional and physical needs, offering our clients a well-rounded and integrated approach to health.

Do you want to learn how to:

deal with infections naturally?

support your immune system?

use simple remedies?

We want to offer you an eBook with some of our favorite natural remedies.

FREE of charge.

We are committed to supporting your growth,

so here is what we provide:

  • Personalized coaching for physical well-being.
  • Individualized coaching to enhance emotional health.
  • Comprehensive online courses designed to foster emotional well-being.
  • Engaging seminars and presentations, available both online and in person, focusing on optimizing physical health.
  • Insightful seminars and presentations, conducted both online and in person, addressing various aspects of emotional well-being.


Comfort for the Emotionally Wounded Heart is a set of presentation about emotional health for those who want to have deeper and more meaningful relationships. The purpose of these presentations is to help people understand the emotional wounds they might have, the consequences of those wounds, and how these wounds can influence and affect their relationships. The presentations include also valuable tools to learn how to enjoy connecting emotionally with friends and family.


Amevera is a private organization created for the purpose of continuing education.

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