Every person has 3 basic categories of needs:

physical needs,

emotional needs,

intellectual needs.

Most parents are doing a good job taking care of the physical needs of their child.

Many parents are also very well able to provide for the intellectual needs of their children.

But when it comes to emotional needs, many times parents do not provide for those needs,

not because they do not want to, but because they do now know how to.

Often they might have emotional wounds that prohibit them

from being there emotionally for their children.

Because of this, a child will develop emotional wounds.

So when he grows up, he will react when someone will touch the pain caused

by his parents or by those close to him (siblings, grandparents).

There are many different ways in which an adult will react

to someone touching their emotional pain.

We are all different.

And we respond to pain in different ways.

No matter who people are and where they grew up,

everyone will try to avoid pain.

Do you know how you react to emotional pain?

Would you like to discover this?

We are here to help you,

that is why we prepared an eBook for you

with 15 ways people react to emotional pain.

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How You React to Emotional Pain

We all react to emotional pain. People will sometimes touch some of our emotional wounds, willingly or unwillingly.

Do you know how YOU react to emotional pain?

If not, would you like to know?

We want to help you find this out, so we prepared an ebook for you with 15 ways people react to emotional pain.

The ebook is FREE.

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We are working on a course about emotional healing.

What you will be able to learn in this course.

  • Understand what emotional wounds are.
  • Understand where emotional wounds come from.
  • Discover your personal emotional wounds.
  • Learn what to do in order to heal those wounds.
  • Learn how to help others heal their wounds.

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It is time you learn more about yourself and get the emotional healing that you have been longing for, so you can have better, deeper, and more meaningful relationships.

Join the course to find out the emotional wounds you have and learn how you can get healing.


  • Learn how to develop a deeper understanding of your own emotions.
  • Acquire tools to maintain emotional well-being.
  • Learn to build deeper, more meaningful relationships with others.
  • Learn how to emotionally connect with people.
  • Learn how to deal with stress and negative emotions
  • Learn how to have hope in the mids of trials.
  • Learn how to create new thought patterns.
  • Learn how to have a more harmonious marriage.
  • Learn how to use neuroplasticity to form new habits.
  • Learn how to reset your limbic system.

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